Tech- Wearable Shirt for children with Epilepsy

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Alwohaib, Qadriya
Alsubaiei, Bodour
AlOtaibi, Fatemah
Al-Khaldi, Haya
In today’s world, children and teenagers both are the most permanent and persistent part of society. They perform the functionalities of the civilization to grow larger and effectively where the early stage of their lives is crucially known for its importance in human development. On the other hand, in an initial phase of a child’s life where illness and disabilities might develop an impact on their childhood growth, such as Epilepsy disorder. The impact of Epilepsy disorder can affect the lives of both children and teenagers. Parents of children who suffer from Epilepsy disorder are concerned about their child’s health, emotion, behavior, and their child’s ability to learn and grow. Also, Epilepsy is a recurrent condition of seizures that involves different types of symptoms that vary from one child to another. The main motivation of this project is that since children are considered to be an immense part of our society, therefore, they are the future of our world, and it’s important to comprehend and solve the impacts of such a disorder in order to assist and help them to practice life necessities easily. Our project idea is a wearable device that can perceive the symptoms of seizers and epilepsy by detecting the changes of the oxygen levels in the blood, heartbeats, muscle spasms, and body’s temperature and humidity sensor that connects to the parent’s mobile application that notifies the child’s current condition. In addition, the Tech-Wearable Shirt will have an alert system that consists of a buzzer, vibration, and LED indicator that can be used for emergency cases to alert the supervisors. Consequently, this project will help and assist parents in identifying and in being aware before the occurrence of Epilepsy and seizures.
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