Motion Block

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Al Farhan, Jinan
Sara Alrshoud
Ghezlan AlAzmi
Bader AlKanderi
The evolution of technology in the last decade has tremendously influenced our everyday life. Wireless technologies have not only become more power-efficient and reliable but also cheaper. The trend of wireless dependency has encouraged engineers to upgrade microcontrollers with robust wireless connectivity chips to allow the automation of processes over Bluetooth or the internet. Nowadays, we can see this kind of automation everywhere from industries to individuals’ houses. On the other hand, smartphones have become an essential part of everyone’s life which pushes companies to keep improving them to keep up with the competition. These technologies alongside smartphones allowed people to turn tedious and time-consuming routines into a few simple clicks on a screen. Decorating a house is one of the activities that can be very tiresome. Anything mounted to a wall is considered permanent as is costs a lot of money and time to upgrade. MotionBlock is the solution where a microcontroller-connected wall is built as a grid of blocks. These blocks can be extruded in or out by a certain length to hold objects while looking elegant. A mobile application allows the user to pick a pre-set or customize a wall visually in 3D. The phone will then send the data to the microcontroller which will automate the blocks’ movement process. Moreover, the blocks have individual lights which can also be customized inside the app
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