Partial Discharge Signal Propagation in MV Branched Cable Feeder

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Shafiq, Muhamad.
Kauhaniemi, Kimmo
Hussain, Ghulam
Journal Article
Rising global and regional electricity use is accelerating the need to upgrade networks. The adoption of sustainable ways of energy generation (renewables energy resources) is the top priority of today's grid, and these resources are predominantly embedded within the distribution networks that are mostly connected by medium voltage (MV) cables. Driven by urbanization trends, negative land value impacts, public safety, environmental aesthetics, and network reliability, the resistance to overhead lines in distribution networks is gradually increasing in many countries. Either choosing the proactive path considering the operational superiority of underground cables compared with overhead lines or following the ongoing legislative policies, the use of cables has been increasing rapidly over the past 30 years.
M. Shafiq, K. Kauhaniemi, G. Robles, Ghulam Hussain, and L. Kumpulainen, “Partial Discharge Signal Propagation in MV Branched Cable Feeder,” IEEE Electric Insulation Magazine, 49.3, (2018), 126-137.