10 GHz throughput FinFET dual-edge triggered flip-flops

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May 2014
Esmaeili, Seyed
Conference Paper
n this paper, we investigate the performance, power consumption, and delay, of four dual-edge triggered FinFET flip-flops; namely: the dual-edge triggered conditional precharge flip-flop (DE-CPFF), the differential dual-edge triggered conditional precharge flip-flop (DE-CPFF-D), the symmetric pulse generator flip-flop (SPGFF), and the dual-edge sense amplifier flip-flop (DE-SAFF). The correct operation of the dualedge FinFET flip-flops was simulated on circuits using Berkeley Short-Channel IGFET Model Class of common Multi-Gate FETs (BSIM-CMG) 30-nm technology. The dual-edge triggered FinFET flip-flops have been simulated at a clock frequency of 5 GHz and a throughput of 10 GHz. Simulation results show correct functionality of the flip-flops under supply voltage variations. Comparison between the flip-flops, show that they have comparable data-to-output delay where the difference between the fastest and slowest flip-flop does not exceed 13 ps. The power consumption of the four flip-flops at different data switching activities was also investigated.
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