ChildPOPS: A Smart Child Pocket Monitoring and Protection System

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Abu Doush, Iyad
Damaj, Issam
Hussain, Fatma
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The advancements in Internet of things (IoT) technology is quickly transforming the world into a smart network of interoperable devices. Traditional devices are becoming ubiquitous, pervasive, connected, and wearable IoT gadgets. The purpose of this investigation is to develop a smart Child Pocket Monitoring and Protection System (ChildPOPS). ChildPOPS provides a touch of advanced lifestyle by automatically monitoring infant’s health conditions, promoting safe living, and providing an easy-to-deploy system and a user-friendly interface. An IoT Development Model is used to design, represent, and analyze the system through a set of submodels. The main challenges that the proposed system addresses include supporting accurate physiological parameter measurements, remote sensing, and correct detection. This chapter includes studying challenges, such as accurately using the device and the training needed by the users—as related to the adoption of such a modern tool by the target human subjects. The proposed system is supported by two mobile monitoring devices at the child and parent, or caregiver, sides, sensors, wireless communication nodes, control processors, Internet access, and a supporting server. ChildPOPS enables a ubiquitous access using tablets and smartphones through a mobile application or a web browser. This chapter includes studying the effectiveness of adding smart bands, at the child and parents’ sides, to enable accurate monitoring. In addition, the system supports the interaction with a software system that provides assisted communication and intervention when needed. System testing includes multiple detection scenarios and the reliability of interactions. System testing, analysis, and evaluation confirms ChildPOPS effectiveness in application.
Fatma Hussain, Issam Damaj, and Iyad Abu Doush (2020). ChildPOPS: Child Pocket Monitoring and Protection System. Book Title: Smart Technologies and Smart Cities: Advances and Recent Trends, Springer.