Low cost Breathing Aid/Respiratory Device

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Amin, Waleed
Alhamdan, Salman
Alshabli, Thamer
Desperate times cause for desperate measures, during this current pandemic the main industry heavily relied on the most is Biomedical Industry. Due to this global crisis the necessary equipment required to help sustain the life of people in need of critical care is short in supply to say the least. This lead to them being completely abandoned whilst they are literally fighting for their lives breath by breath, especially in developing countries, where it is sad to say monetary funds have a direct correlation with one’s treatment from this disease. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease which means the main organs targeted are lungs, which therefore leads to breathing problems. Our goal is to design a low-cost non-invasive device, which helps in aiding the breathing of the infected, the main fatal symptom is Pneumonia, even after recovering from this symptom patients still require Breathing Devices to continue help aid their lungs to function, for this ventilators can be used but as they are very short in supply and critically in need. Here where our device comes in we want to make a prototype which would be based around microcontroller called Arduino, and would contain at least four designing aspects done by us, including a display to monitor the intake of oxygen, pressure sensors, a sensor based blowing motor and a controller to operate that given motor. Furthermore, we would like to integrate it with one’s smart watch where oxygen and carbon dioxide levels along with heart rate are trackable and can be monitored to a certain extent of accuracy, which is acceptable to track a patients progress infected with this disease. Although, this device is still very early in the development phase, however we hope to make this device a low cost non invasive ventilator, which would be an good option in this current climate.
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