Impact Investigation on Each Method of Removing Load Imbalance in Distribution Networks

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Bostani, Ali
Dashti, Ali
Dashti, Reza
Journal Article
By the expanding utilization of innovation and mechanization in different fields of present day life, the electrical outage has turned into a noteworthy effect to complete the necessities in the day by day life of most segments like modern, financial and even recreational. It is, along these lines, important to approach a reliable electrical framework to continuity of customer electric consumption. So, load imbalance in distribution networks causes to increase electric energy loss in addition to unreasonable occupation on network or equipment capacity. By adding equipment in order to improve load imbalance and load balance of low voltage distribution networks, in addition to huge prices of investment to buy equipment, the reasons to repair and keep added equipment are prepared. So, it seems if the author can act toward the load balance and at last balance the feeder load via keeping available establishments without adding any equipment, the author will have an effective step to decrease the loss equipment, and they will have an effective step to decrease the loss of electrical energy in distribution networks. Therefore, in the research paper, some available methods to balance the load are presented and the effectiveness of each one is compared to improve the load imbalance in distribution networks.