iPlant: The Greenhouse Robot

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Al-Beeshi B.
Al-Mesbah B.
El-Abd, Mohammed
Conference Paper
Fast growing technologies, and rising demands of every day's tasks, resulted in increasing interest for developing smart systems to make life's chores easier and more convenient. Implementing such technologies for the benefit of humanity and nature would achieve its highest goal and purpose. Since agriculture sector is one of the most important sectors that affect our daily lives, an investigation for developing means that enhance this process is required. Launching from previous facts, an integrated robotic system that is dedicated for the environment and serves the agriculture sector is to be designed. The robot, called iPlant, would be able to take care of its own garden, greenhouse, by interacting with the environment around it. iPlant is a robotic system employer that is easy to use, effortless, and saves time. iPlant has the ability to monitor and broadcast plants' state, water level, and nutrients. Therefore, iPlant will provide a great reduction in both financial and physical resources.