Design of Model-Based Gain Scheduling Controllers for Nonlinear Systems

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Zaher, Ashraf
Journal Article
The design of controllers for nonlinear systems has always been a challenge due to their complex dynamic structures that have ill-defined models with inherent uncertainties. This article investigates the implementation of PID controllers, using a gain scheduling technique that allows dynamic tuning of their gains. The methodology introduced in this paper is model-based, where sub-models for the system to be controlled are created, based on the output, as a scheduling parameter. Dominant dynamics of the nonlinear models are encapsulated into a linearized version that has a dynamic nature to effectively cover the whole range of operation. A pole-placement technique is used to design the PID dynamic gain. The proposed technique is shown to be effectively applied to robotic manipulators, process industry, and automotives.
Ashraf Zaher, “Design of Model-Based Gain Scheduling Controllers for Nonlinear Systems.” Journal of Physics, 1141.1 (2018): 012117:1-8.