Medical Drones System for Amusement Parks

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Bitar, A.
Jamal, A.
Sultan, H.
Alkandari, N.
El-Abd, M.
Conference Paper
With the fast development of technology, many technological and industrial companies are working on coping with this growth. Therefore, various devices are being manufactured to be compatible with users. The main interest here is drones (flight controllers). As we can see nowadays, drones have many incredible uses for the future and they will soon revolutionize the entire industries. Drones are newly introduced to the market [1] yet they're gaining a very high amount of acknowledgment and interest due to their remarkable features and functionality [2]. In addition, drones can be designed to do some jobs that have its benefits like medical drones that save lives by providing medical help. The idea of implementing medical drones is not new, but it is increasing for the past decade. Medical drones can provide aid to the medical team by offering some services like delivering supplies to faraway and hard to reach areas. They could be faster in locating injuries in crucial areas and deliver essential supplies to attain the situation until the medical team arrives. With this drone being put in the market, it will be very useful and will have a positive impact on the medicine field as it will offer its useful services which as a result enhance the medical services.
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