Migration of Existing Software Systems to Mobile Computing Platforms: A Systematic Mapping Study

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Sultan, Khalid
Journal Article
Context - Mobile computing has fast emerged as a pervasive technology to replace the old computing paradigms with portable computation and context-aware communication. Existing software systems can be migrated (while preserving their data and logic) to mobile computing platforms that support portability, context-sensitivity, and enhanced usability. In recent years, some research and development efforts have focused on a systematic migration of existing software systems to mobile computing platforms. Objectives - To investigate the research state-of-the-art on the migration of existing software systems to mobile computing platforms. We aim to analyze the progression and impacts of existing research, highlight challenges and solutions that reflect dimensions of emerging and futuristic research. Methodology - We followed Evidence-Based Software Engineering (EBSE) method to conduct a Systematic Mapping Study (SMS) of the existing research that has progressed over more than a decade (25 studies published from 1996 - 2017). We have derived a taxonomical classification and a holistic mapping of the existing research to investigate its progress, impacts, and potential areas of futuristic research and development. Results - The SMS has identified three types of migration namely Static, Dynamic, and State-based Migration of existing software systems to mobile computing platforms. Migration to mobile computing platforms enables existing software systems to achieve portability, context-sensitivity, and high connectivity. However, mobile systems may face some challenges such as resource poverty, data security, and privacy. The emerging and futuristic research aims to support patterns and tool support to automate the migration process. The results of this SMS can benefit researchers and practitioners - by highlighting challenges, solutions, and tools etc. - to conceptualize the state-of-the-art and futuristic trends that support migration of existing software to mobile computing
Alseadoon, I., Ahmad, A., Alkalel, A. and Sultan, K., "Migration of Existing Software Systems to Mobile ComputingPlatforms: A Systematic Mapping Study", Frontiers of Computer ScienceJournal, Springer, DOI (10.1007/s11704-019-8166-5), (2019).