Enhancing Exam Prep with Customized Digital Flashcards

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Julie Phelps
Murray, Susan
Al-tabbakh, Hanan
Journal Article
Many college classes have basic information that must be learned before students can master the more complex application and analysis of advanced concepts. Students often struggle with identifying and learning these facts, terms, and principles. This paper reports on a project that evaluated the use of online flashcards in two undergraduate engineering classes. The study materials (online flashcards) were developed in conjunction with the university’s Educational Technology Office. Students showed an interest in using flashcards in the current classes and a willingness to construct new ones for future classes. Students also were not aware of how useful and helpful flashcard utilization was in their learning process, and it was rare that they used them in other classes.
Julie Phelps, Susan Murray, and Hanan Altabbakh, “Enhancing Exam Prep with Customized Digital Flashcards,” Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 19.4 (2018), 42-45.