IDBSCAN Algorithm Based Proficient Anomaly Detection

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Bany Muhammad, Nooh
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Climate change considers as a global issue with some unexpected impact on human being health. The teenager is a promising agent of change to elevate climate change knowledge of the community. However, teenager knowledge on climate change impact is inadequate. Accordingly, developing education media for a teenager is essential to increase climate change awareness. This research aimed to developed and tested media that is Website, Facebook and Instagram to increase teenager knowledge by following 4 out of 10 research and development steps: researching and collecting information, planning, developing of an initial product, preliminary field testing. Research and Development by recruiting Twelve teenagers aged 16-17 years old from 3 high schools in Yogyakarta City were involved in this trial. Instagram was found as promising media to spread climate change impact information to the teenager. Mass media can be used to educate teenager effectively.