Impact of Ambient Stresses on Partial Discharge Measurement in Electric Machines under Industrial Environmental Conditions

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Hassan, Waqar
Hussain, Ghulam Amjad
Kamran, Muhammad
Kay, John A.
Journal Article
Partial discharges (PD) diagnostics is widely acknowledged as a reliable method for the health estimation of the insulation. During the operation of electric motors (EM) in industry, environmental stresses are produced due to the high concentration of contamination, temperature, and relative humidity (RH). These stresses severely impact stator insulation degradation and PD diagnostics is a challenge under these conditions. This research presents a framework for correctly evaluating the impact of contamination in EM insulation under high temperature and RH levels on PD activity and assessing the PD severity level. For this purpose, environmental stresses are produced in a climate control chamber and laboratory experiments are carried out under different concentrations of the contamination (up to 0.5 kg/m3) at high temperature (90 °C)and RH (40% to 98%). From the experimental results, it has been observed that both temperature and RH have a significant effect on the PD activity produced in EM insulation under different contamination levels.