Pneumatic Precognition Experiencing the Future in the Present

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Crace, Benjamin D.
Journal Article
In speculative and constructivist modes, this study seeks to establish pneumatic precognition as an important theological topos among scholars concerned with the action of the Spirit. It follows an abductive approach that first offers a ‘thick description’ of pneumatic precognition based on the biblical text and personal experience in pentecostal ‘testimony’ mode. Based on the thick description, it then moves beyond the naïve realism of ‘God knows the future; God told me’, by drawing out some of the cosmological implications of precognition, offering potential models and dialogue partners. Lastly, moving back to the biblical text, it unpacks the theological implications of retrocausality through an eschatological reading of Jesus’ restoration of Peter in Jn 21.15-17, suggesting that individual experiences of pneumatic precognition participate in the sacramental cosmic drama.