DSM in Energy Management

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Jawish, Raniem
Marafie, Fatema
Ibrahim, Samer
Due to the rising in lifestyle services, energy demands are growing really fast. Therefore, it might sound costly to the government and specially if we encounter some power losses. By that, we decided to introduce a new requirement aspect management (DSM) theme for the autonomous DC microgrid. This theme holds management algorithms that let's say move the deferrable load from non-sunny hours to sunny hours and reduces the stress throughout non-sunny hours. As a result, by this way we achieve the required balance and lower the load upon the DC microgrid and increase its efficiency by using the energy more efficiently. In order to use this method, we want to possess the subsequent parts; a renewable energy supply (solar panels) connected to an AC/DC converter, microcontroller, battery, sensors & current sensors, relays and loads (devices like LED, tv, etc..). the system works as follows; we get the energy supply from the solar panels, goes through the power converters to charge the battery and directly connected to some sensors and relays to end with the load devices. During this procedure we might encounter the power losses during the battery charging and discharging process. Besides by using the DSM it decreases the battery by either charging or discharging the cycles. As a result, it reduces the ability losses within the battery and improves system potency. And it additionally ends up in clear load shifting in order that we have a tendency to get a big reduction within the system price.
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