Integrated Remote Insulation Condition Monitoring of Generators and Motors Using Traditional and Wireless Sensor Technologies

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Sep 2014
Hummes, Detlef
Conference Paper
The reliability of rotating electrical machines is of prime importance for the owner. Unplanned outages may lead to significant production losses. (Remote) monitoring of critical insulation components (rotor and stator) allows the recognition of a developing problem at a very early stage, so that counter measures can be initiated before major damage occurs. A (multi-parameter) monitoring system has been designed, which targets specifically the insulation of large electrical machines. Its remote access (LAN, Internet) allows user and experts to access data, receive warnings and eventually determine corrective actions any time. In order to monitor the long-term efficiency and quality of maintenance and to try and establish the start of problems, the following basic techniques are typically applied on-line, and are part of the monitoring system.