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Alkhaledi, Aisha
Arashidi, Hadeel
Asanea, Jassem
Alajmi, Rakan
We often see or hear of people who have lost sight or were born blind, so we don't know how they feel or how to imagine things around them. Sometimes their disability makes them feel that something is missing from the rest and that they are incomplete, so they need someone to help them and be like the eye they see. Our group created a couple of surveys for 240 adults, analyzed our data and used them as qualitative data. We thought of different ways to design the base of our project. So we came up with this idea to create a device that would help them identify their way without needing help from others, which makes them happy, especially when they can feel independent when they move. Our idea is a hat that can be worn when moving, with a camera, a headset and a speaker. This camera can recognize the surrounding rooms and places through a program that is programmed in the device using OpenMV Image processing camera. We also thought of making a stick to act as a sensor through vibrations indicating something in front of them. Although there are other tools for blind people on the market right now, none are as small, portable, discreet, and private as our product. The device does not use WiFi or store information in a cloud. Everything the user stores in the device's memory is private and cannot be accessed by anyone else.
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