Rescue Robot

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Modhawi Al-Othman
Aziz, Maryam
Al-Sabah, Noor
Aba Khail, Nourah
After disasters strike in workplaces, the air becomes contaminated, and temperature increases from fire, therefore causing these areas to become dangerous and sometimes inaccessible. Some victims might end up being trapped in unreachable areas that may lead to life loss. In factories, there are always a high risk of gas leakage, machine problems, and high temperature that can affect employee's health. Safety precautions in the field is a must, but sometimes fatal errors can occur. In these situations, robots are becoming very important in human rescuing missions since they can work around the clock if needed. We got inspired by the idea and decided to build a robot as our capstone project and call it "Rescue Robot". It can inspect a workplace and evaluate the safety of the working environment as well as to detect issues to provide a safe workplace without threatening worker's lives. The robot will be small in size to pass through tight areas that are difficult to reach. It will have a camera to know the directions and monitor the surrounding areas. A temperature sensor will be used on the robot to detect high temperatures inside the workplace. Also, a gas sensor will be used to detect different types of gases like Co, CO2, and O2. To summarize in disaster sites, our project will concentrate on assisting rescue teams with searching and rescue missions. The "Rescue Robot" can navigate and gather pollution data and inspect specific areas in search of humans that are in danger to reduce the number of injuries, accidents, and deaths
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