All-in-One Pass NFC Wallet

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Al-Chalabi, A.
Shahzad, H.
Damaj, Issam
Conference Paper
A technology that is able to integrate the multitude of accounts into one safe, convenient, and wearable pass is an attractive modern setup. The idea provides the user with the ability to customize, secure, and use wearable technologies by adding the information of all of their accounts. Since all of a user’s accounts are stored in a single device, the act of carrying around copious amounts of smartcards becomes obsolete. The presented prototype has three main elements: the wearable technology that contains an embedded smart chip within, a web-based phone application by which the account to be accessed is chosen, and a smart reader that recognizes the chip and enables a security method to ensure the owners’ privacy. The application allows the user to add/remove accounts, enable/disable the secured hardware, or backup the accounts as well. NFC Wallet is ubiquitous; the software is web-enabled so that the user can control it using smart phones, tablets, laptops and other computing devices. The system provides a true pervasive computing experience.
A. Al-Chalabi, H. Shahzad, S. Essa, and I. Damaj. 'All-in-One Pass NFC Wallet.' The Seventh Annual Undergraduate Research Conference on Applied Computing (URC), Dubai, UAE, April 22-23, 2015. Winner of the Best Poster Presentation Award.
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