Importance of Management and Administrative Ethics on Corporate Success and Sustainability

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Mansour, Aly
Alsalem, Athmar
Journal Article
This paper is intended to highlight the importance of management and administrative ethics in the inception and sustainability of a profound construction company in the Arab world. Osman Ahmed Osman & Co™ was established in 1947 as a local construction company. The company has gone through 4 pertinent change management phases that shaped and demonstrated its sustainability. It currently exists in 29 countries covering 4 continents with approximately 75 thousand employees (Arab Contractors, 2014). This study hypothesized that management and administrative ethics would lead to success, sustainability, and continuous growth. The research methodology used in this study was a mixed methods approach. A qualitative case study and quantitative survey analyzed the effect of management and administrative ethics on success and sustainability. The findings of this study have been limited to present the continuous growth of the company due to the consistency in applying management and administrative ethics. The study concluded by proposing applying management and administrative ethics to assure the growth and sustainability of any regional or global company
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