Motor Current Signature Analysis using Microcontroller with WIFI Connection

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Bazzi, Mohammad
Mohammad, Hassan
Induction motors and synchronous motors as the most important electrical machines in the commercial industry. Induction motors are cheap and very robust. In principal a motor is an energy converting system, which change electrical energy to mechanical energy. But this means, if anything happens on the mechanical part should have an effect on the electrical part. (include here the drawing). Our project is a microcontroller which will measure the current of an induction motor. Even the power supply will come from the motor. The analysis can be done by the microcontroller, or if too complicate we will transfer the measured data by WIFI to a router where the FFT analysis can be done. The controller is so small that is can be included into the cover of the motor cabinet. On the other hand, we are surrounded with micro-controllers and the with the help of micro-controllers we can huge work to be done easily. My team and I have decided to take use the micro-controller called “ESP 8622” that helps us to get the job started, and that is measuring current from induction motors. The beauty of this controller is that it sends the analysis of measured current to a serve by WIFI, which this is an advantage feature present in the controller. Which current data will be stored in a serve where the FFT analysis and obtain graphical results
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