Simple Imperative Model Programming Language for Education – SIMPLE

dc.article.pagespp. 18-39
dc.contributor.authorRababaah, Aaron
dc.description.abstractThis work presents the development of a new programming language, Simple Imperative-Model Programming Language for Education SIMPLE. The new language is compiled procedural language that aims to simplify programming syntax and relives beginners from advanced programming concepts. SIMPLE was designed and implemented as a significant set of a typical procedural programming language. Although it is not intended for serious industry-level programming but, we claim that it could be an effective education vehicle and demonstrational component in introductory, intermediate and advanced courses. SIMPLE has been extensively tested using50+ different test programs designed carefully to target the language elements and features and our final tests showed that the language is reliable and ready to be adopted in education.
dc.identifier.citationRabaa'i, Ahmad and Rababaah, Aaron R. (2020). Aligning Information Systems Program with the New ABET-CAC Criteria: The Case of the American University of Kuwait. International Journal of Curriculum Development and Learning Measurement - IJCDLM: Volume 1, Issue 2, Article 6. pp. 79-107, DOI: 10.4018/IJCDLM.2020070106.
dc.publisherJournal of Recent Trends in Programming Languages - RTPL
dc.relation.journalJournal of Recent Trends in Programming Languages - RTPL
dc.titleSimple Imperative Model Programming Language for Education – SIMPLE
dc.typeJournal Article