Chargeable E-Bike (CE-Bike)

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Hamammreh, Nasser
Zreik, Hussein
Ibrahim, Samer
AlKandari, Abdullah
As we can notice nowadays in Kuwait, most people are interested with a new hobby, which is riding a bike for long distances, especially at Al-Jaber Bridge. From 248am website, they post that Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Causeway Bridge is going to be closed for cars and open for cyclists every Friday from 7 AM to 10 AM, which is good for people to practice their hobby in safe and clean environment. In addition, using bike reduces the amount of pollution we have in our country. Our idea is to build an Electric bike. This bike has two operating modes, i.e. manual and electric which means that the cyclist can use the pedals manually while charging the battery. If the rider got tired or an accident happened and he/she cannot peddle, he can switch to the electric mode. Battery can also be used to charge a mobile phone or a tablet. Another feature will be added to the bike, which is battery storage monitoring. Mobile phone can be synchronized with the bike electronic system using Bluetooth. To facilitate riding the bike, we will create a mobile application that will provide general information about the user’s health, percentage of the battery, GPS, etc. This bike will reduce the number of accidents by smartly controlling the speed of the bike, especially during a downhill slope. There will be a control system, which will be able to switch the bike mode between manual to electric based on the slope. This bike can be used as a business plan if we allow the cyclists to rent it for couple of hours.
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