RF Intensity Indicator

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al-junaidel, Dalal
Aladwani, Nourah
Alfajii, Ghaneemah
Rasheed, Aseel
As time progresses, the environment becomes much more wireless, people are exposed to more and more radiation that can cause health effects without understanding how much danger they are surrounded by. Radiofrequency radiation can result in health impacts, often called the 'thermal effect', which causes heating energy. In addition, RF radiation will affect children and they may have the risk of developing brain tumours. We have built a portable device that is easy to use and can be used by anyone to detect the strength of RF. This technology is extremely important to people in their everyday lives as it needs to protect people in just one click against persistent and damaging radioactive pollution! The framework we developed includes a mobile application and a small-sized synchronous computer. An RF indicator driver that can detect RF waves has been described in Hardware Research. It is lightweight, cheap, and easily connectable to telephone. Users can quickly access the app when connected and detect the RF level in their surroundings. The computer software informs the user whether the RF waves in the region are high or lower. Also, the computer software analyses the data and presents coloured graphs of the exposure to radiation. If the chart is green, then it indicates that the area is in the safe range. If it is in the middle range, then the colour yellow will show and if it exceeds the limit then the chart would turn red. Moreover, the app and computer software will be able to inform the user of the percentage of radiation exposure during continuous periods of time. This project will be challenging because we are trying to reduce the size without reducing the efficiency of the device so that it can be easy to use. The overflow of data can also be a challenge because the device detects radiation continuously. Noise caused by other types of electromagnetic waves can affect the accuracy of the data detected by the device. Our system is primarily used to measure exposure to electromagnetic radio waves. The indicator can measure the output power of any device or station that transmits RF radiation. For engineers, an application would be voltage standing-waves ratio VSWR measurement and control, leading to a reduction of power loss caused by the impedance mismatch at the antenna. For pregnant women and children, such a device can detect spots with high intensity of radiofrequency so that it can be avoided. Another application for RF indicator is to detect spying devices such as cameras and speakers since they are both transmitters of EM radiation.
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