Autonomous Beach Cleaner

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ALeniziI, Nouf F.
Alajmi, Omar K.
Alsharhan, Sarah A.
Khudada, Sarah T.
Electrical and Computer engineering
"The Autonomous Beach Cleaner is a project that is environmentally friendly. This project is very massive and very important to our daily life since there are many organizations and volunteering communities that are concerned about the environment, we live in. The environment is the only place where human beings and animals live on and depend on it for having a sustainable life. It is very necessary to keep the environment clean because when the environment is clean and unpolluted it leads to having a good condition such as fresh air and reducing pollution. On the other hand, an unclean atmosphere and environment leads to an arrival of various diseases and putting the society and other living things to be in a bad condition. All the hazardous substance from the pollution can affect humans and animals and the environment they are living in. The polluted air is the cause of the respiratory diseases and other intake of bacteria and parasites. Those harmful chemicals when inhaled by both humans and animals are one of the problems that can cause many complications. The environment should be clean and healthier because the ecosystem, should and will provide natural services for all species that is essential to people’s life which will enhance the quality of life and survival. Therefore, this project was inspired by one of team members who is a professional diver that most of time she spends practicing diving at different beaches around Kuwait. She has been committed to different volunteering communities that they gather to clean the beaches on regular basis. However, the amount of people volunteering is not enough and not covering all the coast areas of Kuwait including the abundant four beaches and they are Suleibkhat, Fintas, Fahaheel, and New AlKhiran. Consequently, with the right resources this project will proceed with implementing a machine that will work on helping and cleaning the beaches to have a better and cleaner beach."
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