Conceptualizing IS-Service Quality as a Multi-Dimensional Formative Construct: An Empirical Analysis

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Rabaa’i, Ahmad
Journal Article
This study is motivated by, and proceeds from, a central interest in the importance of evaluating IS service quality and adopts the IS ZOT SERVQUAL instrument (Kettinger and Lee, 2005) as its core theory base. This study conceptualises IS service quality as a multidimensional formative construct and seeks to answer the main research questions: 'Is the IS service quality construct valid as a multidimensional formative construct?' Additionally, with the aim of validating the IS service quality construct within its nomological net, as in prior service marketing work, satisfaction was hypothesised as its immediate consequence. With the goal of testing the above research question, IS service quality and satisfaction were operationalised in a quantitative survey instrument. Partial least squares (PLS), employing 219 valid responses, largely evidenced the validity of IS service quality as a multidimensional formative construct. The nomological validity of the IS service quality construct was also evidenced by demonstrating that 55% of satisfaction was explained by the multidimensional formative IS service quality construct.