Modernising Legacy Software as Context-sensitive and Portable Mobile-enabled Application

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Sultan, Khalid
Ahmad, Aakash
Alkhalil, Adel
Khan, Wilayat
Altamimi, Ahmed
Journal Article
Mobile systems support portable, context-sensitive, and interactive computing that empower users to perform complex computations and communications on the go. Majority of the existing software systems run on web or workstation-based (traditional computing) platforms, lacking the capabilities of mobile systems, and are referred to as legacy software. The primary contribution of this research is a process-centric approach that enables automation and user decision support to modernize legacy software as context-sensitive and portable mobile-enabled application. Case study based validation complements the modernization process with scenario-based demonstration of the solution and qualitative evaluation of the modernized application. Evaluation results suggest that modernized application supports portable and context-sensitive computations, efficient utilization of device resources, and ease of use.
Ahmad, A., Alkhalil, A., Altamimi, A. B., Sultan, K., & Khan, W. (2021). Modernizing Legacy Software as Context - Sensitive and Portable Mobile-Enabled Application. IT Professional, 23(1), 42-50.