Bomb Defusing Electronic Robot

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Odeh, Ahmad
Salem, Anwaar
Guindi, Beshoy
Al-Shareeda, Ola
Electrical and Computer engineering
Bombs are considered one of the most dangerous creation done by mankind. Mixing chemical components with technologies lead to the creation of devices capable of massive amounts of destruction. This destruction is not limited to property damage only, but also to loss of life. To combat this, technology rises against technology once more. What is created to destroy, can be also created to defuse. This project paper discusses the potential to create machines capable of de-assembling explosives from a long range, safeguarding precious blood and preventing loss of life. The intention of this project is to provide a sample robotic machine, capable of providing a live feed of the explosive, and the ability to control limbs capable of diffusing the destructive charge. An all-terrain vehicle component is added to allow mobility over tough surfaces, thus removing the needed human element from interfacing with the explosives. A safe distance away, the user is given control of the machine in order to perform the necessary action of de-assembly.
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