The Many Facets of National Culture: A Critical Appraisal

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AlMutairi, Shihanah
Yen, Dorothy
Heller, Michael
Comparative Social Sciences , Social Sciences
Journal Article
Due to its wide usage in vast fields of study, there is a lack of studies synthesizing the many aspects of national culture theory. The authors argue that given the proliferation of national culture theories in various disciplines, the need to integrate and provide an analytical review is fundamental for further research. As such, they have reviewed 110 empirical and conceptual studies on the concept of national culture and recounted the different national culture theories within. They have also assimilated the varied criticism towards each respective national culture theory and synthesized them under six discernable shortcomings: the ecological fallacy, the concept of nations as units, the complexity of culture, the construct’s conceptualization, the research approach, and the dangers of stereotyping.