Operating a pneumatic operated actuator by using a PV system

dc.contributor.authorFernandes, Savio
dc.contributor.authorAbdelsalam, Raghda
dc.contributor.authorYoussef, Ahmed
dc.contributor.authorHennawy, Ahmed
dc.description.abstractAs a growing technology, renewable energy aims to produce reliable, cost efficient and clean power in sustainable amounts. It is a primary solution in fighting global warming and climate changes that are on the rise. Moreover, on a larger scale it reduces maintenance cost, unlike using a diesel generator, which despite cheap, requires permanent maintenance. Therefore, each year industrial and mechanical corporates aim to eliminate non-renewable resources and replace them with clean energy. Solar PV (Photovoltaics) is one of the flourishing sources and a research-based topic. This is due to its effectiveness in supplying energy and numerous applications in mechanical, industrial and electrical perspectives. As such, we are aiming to incorporate solar PV power to operate pneumatic valves. The purpose is to integrate electrical and computer engineering specialties to produce a clean energy that operates a pneumatic operated actuator in the desert, where an abundant source of solar energy is present. The electrical energy will be used to operate the pneumatic pump which will charge a high- pressure tank. To supply power to the electrical control system a small ultra-cap will be used. To reduce the PV panel capacity and pneumatic pump the tank will be designed to operate the valve four times a day. No battery bank is used as it is sensible to high temperatures. Additionally, an alarm system will check if the valve is full or empty as well as to check if someone has approached the valve, in which case an alert will be sent through a network system
dc.description.sponsorshipHummes, Detlef
dc.keywordsSolar Panels, Control System, Motion Sensor, Infrared
dc.publisherCollege of Engineering and Applied Sciences
dc.titleOperating a pneumatic operated actuator by using a PV system
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