A Review of Aging Models for Electrical Insulation in Power Cables

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Hussain, Ghulam
Peer Reviewed
Journal Article
Electrical insulation is an integral part of power components. The aging of electrical insulation is an undeniable fact that limits the operational lifetime of power components. Apart from regular aging, abnormal stresses and the development of defects are real threats because of their contribution in accelerating the aging rate and thereby leading to a premature failure of the power components. Over the decades, various studies have been carried out to understand the aging behavior of electrical insulation mainly considering electrical and thermal stresses. Similarly, a number of mathematical (aging) models have been developed based on the theoretical and experimental investigations and evidences. However, a dependable formulation of the models that can provide more practical estimation of the insulation degradation profile has not been achieved yet. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the aging models considering single and multistress conditions. Further, the paper discusses possible challenges and barricades averting the conventional models to achieve a suitable accuracy. Finally, suggestions are provided that can be considered to improve the modeling approaches and their performance.
Choudhary, M., Shafiq, M., Kiitam, I., Hussain, A., Palu, I., & Taklaja, P. (2022). A Review of Aging Models for Electrical Insulation in Power Cables.�Energies,15(9), 3408.