Revolt Gallery – Taos, New Mexico

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dc.description.abstractArtist residencies allow for extended time to devote to artistic practice. Spaces are meant for building networks with other artists, collaborators, and communities. Since the 1990’s international residency opportunities have been steadily on the rise. As COVID-19 impacted national and international travel, new e-residency programs rapidly developed in response to support artists, connecting them globally with other creatives. In this session, presenters will share their experiences with residencies and e-residencies in pre-pandemic and current times. Presenters will discuss how residencies can reboot playfulness and curiosity (back) into artistic practice. The benefits and challenges of cross-discipline residency experiences like visual arts and performing arts collaborations or art and science collaborations will be highlighted. Panelists will talk about specific projects and working methods that unexpectedly evolved while participating in residencies. Consideration will be given to the long-term impacts of residencies on artistic practices and potential influences on teaching practices."I met classmate Steven McFarland in a foundation art course called Creative Strategies during our first year of undergrad. We immediately bonded and have remained close friends for over twenty years. During spring break of my last semester of grad school in 2010, he brought me to the desert mesa in northern New Mexico to paint abandoned vehicles and containers. Seven years later, he founded the non-profit Revolt Gallery in Taos - named after the 1847 Pueblo and Hispano populist insurrection against colonists. Steven primarily invites Black, Indigenous, Queer, and Female artists who paint graffiti, create political and socially engaged art, or build Burning Man sculptures. In July of 2021, Steven expanded Revolt to include an apartment, four studios, and a performance space. I have been inaugural artist in residence during my last two summer breaks from teaching in Kuwait. In this self-directed residency, I painted a dozen public murals based on a new work style developed during pandemic isolation. Additionally, I exhibited in group and solo shows and collaborated with local artists, curators, musicians, and performers."
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dc.titleRevolt Gallery – Taos, New Mexico
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