Project Averroes VR

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Hamoudah, Farah
Al-Ajmi, Anwaar
Thiab, Ghareeb
Mahmoud, Noha
Project Averroes is an active-walking, omni-directional motion virtual reality (VR) interface and platform. It serves as a reliable locomotion device for various VR applications. This is to stimulate human-scale engagement and provide better physiological presence in order to advocate for more immersive VR experiences. The successful implementation of this locomotion device will ensure better training facilities, exceptional gaming experiences, and more personalized endeavors in virtual environments. This is since the primary goal of this locomotion device is to allow for human-scale walking in any flexible direction, without running into obstacles such as objects in the real-world environment or any limitation in the motion space. Thus, Project Averroes desires to distinguish between motion in the real, physical world and motion in large-scale virtual environments. This will allow expanding the potential of virtual interactive and immersive environments. Project Averroes recognizes the remarkable potential in data visualization, scenario exploration, engaging simulations, and educational facilities that can be organized with the aid of a proper locomotive mechanism in place. The literature that provided inspiration for Project Averroes is inspected on some bases. These bases are the mechanical construction (i.e. hardware), operating characteristics as well as meaningfulness in its targeted virtual reality application.
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