Autonomous Fishing Rod

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Al Yaseen, Mohammad
Alajmi, Obaid
Al-Saleh, Ahmad
While the world evolves and everything around us is being replaced with robots. We came up with a simple idea in favor of the fishermen to help them avoid the struggles that they face while fishing. The main reasons behind this Autonomous Fishing Rod project are helping elder men to make fishing easier for them and for people who are fishing, and they needed to attend an urgent thing. This helps,elder fishermen, in specific, and others to avoid tough physical work while fishing, because our autonomous fishing rod will do almost all the work for them. The only thing they have to do is attach the bait. To achieve this, we used our expertise in Electrical and Computer Engineering to allow us to us to design and implement our project idea using the advanced technology that is available for us. After implementation, the results were satisfying as it is what we expected from our project design. In the, end we wanted to contribute to our world and make it better, by introducing a new technology that would help people while they are fishing
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