Auto Black Box

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Hamad, Yousef
AlFaraj, Dalal
AlSultan, Haya
AlRuwayeh, Muniah
Driving vehicles in the streets is not an easy practice that can done safely without considering the set of policies and laws to control this activity. In contrast, there are risks and dangers in driving may expose the driver into serious danger and may lead to death in some situations. Drivers should pay high attention to every detail surrounding them while driving to avoid accidents, and to achieve this, we came out with the idea of designing smart Blackbox monitoring system for the real time acquisition of data captured by using a set of sensors and components. The combination between electrical field, information technology, and human lives safety major has been recently focused largely and will definitely produce many benefits. To convert safety and protection systems to be automated, will significantly help to reduce risks of accidents and increase safety and protecting for human lives. The idea of the project is to design a built-in Blackbox system for vehicles used to send data into the concerned party in case of crashes or accidents to prevent the increase of serious injuries by sharing the location of accident with the emergency, capturing image of the accident, and to classify the level of needed help. Also, the extreme growing of interest in preservation of the environment has given space for more researches and focusing on power consumption and how to utilize this energy in a better way.
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