Smart Gardening System

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Mohammed, Zainab
Altemimi, Mubarak
Intelligent and smart systems became a trend in most of business domains where human considered the main resource in managing and running the related duties. Make systems automated means that a technique of using computers and information technology in monitoring and controlling parameters of day-to-day life. Using the concept of software and hardware development such as IoT and Arduino, to make sensors or any hardware components to communicate with each other smartly and perform the desired functions. The important aspect of this project design is that it saves cost, ensures safety, and helps in monitoring plants and their progress. When farmers or normal people want to make plantings and prepare their own garden, their concerns are mainly in maintenance especially at the beginning stages of planting. During days and due to lack in following up with plants progress and periodical maintenance, plants get destroyed. This project prototype will help people to automated monitoring the parameters and their progress, in addition to the planting and watering process will be implemented to the garden system. It plays a vital role and serves as a good companion for plants. The system is an autonomous solution for various problems, and it allows things to be sensed or controlled remotely using the proper set of components and sensors.
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