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Abdulwahed, Abdullah
Al-Mhaid, Abdullah
AlShammari, Mohammad
Intelligent and smart systems became a trend in most business domains where human and traditional tools are considered the main resource in managing and running the related duties. Make systems automated means that a technique of using computers and information technology in monitoring and controlling parameters of day to day life, in addition, to facilitate human lives. Using the concept of software and hardware development, such as IoT, to make sensors or any hardware components communicate with each other smartly and perform the desired functions. To accomplish this smart solution, a set of proper components are planned to be used and connected into a single circuit to perform the expected functionalities. These smart glasses offer sensors with the ability to compensate for user's disadvantages. In the direction of facilitating the work for hearing impaired people, this project intends to further develop this technology and offer solutions to make daily life easier for people with hearing impairment. The important aspect of this project design is that it saves cost, ensures safety, and helps deaf people in communicating with others easily by translating instructions into understandable text displayed on a mobile app. The aim of the solution is to digitally capture the ambient sound and based on its evaluation, using the proper sensors and present information in a text form. The system also helps deaf people by providing noise cancellation that uses human sound frequency and sends the captured sound to the main controller of the system, which in turn will connect to the mobile app through wired-base connection and display sound instructions as text on the mobile app
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