Be Safe Smart System.

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Al-Matter, Dana
Al-Omar, Maryam
El-Abd, Mohammed
Conference Paper
Technology has developed rapidly in recent years and we cannot ignore the importance of it in our life. The recent technology has impacted many fields, made life easier, and facilitated performance in an effortless way. As a result, this technology made it possible to create smart homes and dominated people's life. The development of smart houses is one of the applications that utilize the technology to serve people and provide them with a better quality of life. Many of the services provided by smart home systems include providing entertainment, reducing power consumption, and ensuring a healthier and safer environment. “Be safe” smart system is a project that depict is functionality from this field and it has applications that focuses on providing a safe and healthy environment for the house residents. Also, the system assures the best reaction toward several emergencies that might happened.. In addition, the system offers several intelligent features for reducing power consumption and controlling several aspects of the environment.