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Alotaibi, Ahmad
AlAbbad, Salem
Taha, Faisal
In recent years, we have witnessed an immense leap in technology, however certain industries still choose to cling on outdated energy systems such as the legendary gasoline combustion engines. Throughout the years combustion engines were the primary and dominate choice for the automobile industry. Combustion engines have proven to be a reliable way to power our means of transportation. However, recently because of our heavy dependence on said engines, we began to see environmental effects due to the gases that are exhausted and by product of combustion engines. Us as aspiring engineers have opt for embarking on this journey to develop a solar powered automobile in hopes of reducing emission, carbon footprints and using renewable energy that is in abundance (Solar energy). Furthermore, we aim to innovate on the current solar powered designs and implantations using our acquired knowledge of computer and electrical engineering that we gained from our respected professors and educators. As a team of inspired and ambitious group of engineering students we reviewed several projects, presented to us by our respected faculty members and we deduced that the solar panel powered automobile project would be best to test our skill set, knowledge and applications to the limit. As stated above, our main source of energy is our beloved sun, specifically, the energy that is traveling through the sunlight. The process in which this will be achieved is referred to as “Photovoltaics”. Photovoltaic is the process in which sunlight is converted into electrical energy. Then this energy will be stored in a battery reserve that will power our DC Motor. The task of the DC Motor is to take the electrical energy we harnessed from the solar panels and convert it into mechanical energy. The Mechanical energy will result into a rotating motion, thus allowing the wheels to move in the same direction. Resulting in the movement of the automobile.
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