Smart Domestic Water Management System

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Al-Refaei, Abdullmohsen
Al-Enezi, Ahmad
Al-Azem, Talal
Kuwait has a subtropical desert climate. It is very hot in summer where the temperature is around 45/46 C° and it can reach up to 52/53 C° from June to August. Because of this high temperature the water stored in tanks on the roofs of the buildings becomes very hot even to touch. Cooling this water to a normal temperature to make it usable is really a big challenge. This project is about designing and implementing a system that can solve this problem. It will be a smart system that will be connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) so the user can control and monitor the system using a mobile phone from anywhere. The system consists of two units, the lower unit and the upper unit and a mobile application. Both units have a microcontroller that works as the brain of the system and each controller is connected to a Wi-Fi module to make a connection with the IoT. The mobile application will tell the user about the water level and temperature of the water in the tank on the roof and will give him the ability to assign a certain value for both. The lower unit will be connected to the lower tank that usually pumps the water to the upper tank when the user turns on the pump manually. It will have a low-level sensor that will measure the level of the water in the tank where the microcontroller will turn the pump on and off automatically according to the reading from this sensor and the reading from an ultrasonic sensor connected to the upper unit. The upper unit will be connected to the tank on the roof. It reads from the ultrasonic sensor and a temperature sensor to determine the water level and temperature. The microcontroller in the upper unit will control a cooler according to the reading from the temperature sensor. This system will give the user the option to cool a specific amount of water that he chooses which will save a lot of power and time and will make the process of cooling the water much easier, more flexible, and more efficient
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