Semi-Autonomous Indoor Firefighting UAV

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Kablaoui, Darin
Al-Toukhy, Shaker
Imdoukh, Abeer
El-Abd, Mohammed
Conference Paper
Fire is one of the critical problems that have not been solved yet despite the technological development. Human losses are the most important aspect related to fires. Since it may be impossible to prevent fire from occurring, it would be helpful to minimize its impact in terms of human losses. The fact that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can handle dangerous and risky tasks as well as their fast and efficient performance allows them to be used in fire related problems such as entering and exploring disastrous zones. Hence, an indoor fireproof unmanned aerial vehicle that enables searching for survivors and locating them in minimal time is developed. The UAV is designed such that it can fly while carrying a fire extinguisher. Cameras are mounted on the UAV such that the person in control of the UAV is able to view the environment. In this way, the safety of firemen is ensured, since they know exactly where to go.
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