Tangible Media

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AlShammari, Huwaida
AlAzmi, Fay
AlAtta, Najeebah
Taqi, Mariam
Tangible media is a 3D shifting table piece of furniture that mimics the object placed upon it along with its characteristics, by replicating its exact shape. The way the table works is by modeling the items and therefore creating a container for holding it. The use of the tangible surface is to help users with variety of situations where it adds a sense of modernization and uniqueness to the technology world. Examples for tangible media are in advertisements; display of commercials in an innovative way; and as a smart table that could be used in hospitals, factories, homes and offices. The Implementation of tangible table is to be constructed through using different types of components such as pneumatic actuators, sensors, camera, pistons, programmable logic controller, solenoids as well as a LED lights. The 3D table is user friendly, because of its flexibility to change and custom its surface depending on the user needs, from an office that can hold your stationeries and gadgets in an organized way to become an entertainment tool for having a good time with friends and family.
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