Ideal Socket

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AlRashidi, Bedoor
AlOwaihan, Mariam
Abdulhad, Dana
AlSharhan, Ahmad
Nowadays, most of the technological and scientific progress is increasing and being successful in different fields and it's constantly changing the lifestyle of a human being. Moreover, the majority of products that can be found at the market are becoming smarter such as AC controllers, refrigerators, and other washing machines that are enabled with a mobile application and a touchscreen displays. Therefore, these smart items and machines will help people live their lives more conveniently and easier by controlling their devices with both an embedded touchscreen and by voice commands where it will ensure the comfort and safety of their houses. The Ideal Socket project is the perfect smart device that will allow the users not to worry about their houses. The implementation of the project idea will be in a form of a simple and power equipment to create an open-source system that can be installed without a computer knowledge. The presented concept will mainly use microcontroller which handles the heat detector, has detector and it can be integrated in a small cabinet that can connects to a plug. The measured darts will be analyzed directly by the installed microcontroller in case of an alarm that will directly be connected to WIFI connection to control panel. As a result, these features will assist and help in avoiding house fires that result from overheating of charges and other electricity-related incidents. This project concept will be vital in the future with the rise of smart homes
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