Smart Stick for blind People

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Shah, Syed
Baraka, Jamal
Abdulkareem, Abdullah
In the today’s age and time, there are many technologies designed to help human’s deal with any kind of disability that they might be facing. Out of many disabilities, the one that usually stands out the most is vision. Vision is the ability of a living creature to see, and human’s also face this disability on huge scale. Many ways are developed constantly to help us face this issue such as having guide dogs or having another person guide us through our journey around our environment. Some of these ways can be very time consuming and expensive depending on the method used. We are engineers who need to address such issues with innovative ideas and methods. One way to deal with blindness disability is to develop a smart stick that can guide the patient to his destination through many features it possesses. To develop such a technology, we have to apply our knowledge of electrical and computer engineering that we have accumulated throughout the years from our specialized educational services and expert professors. We have revised many projects that are interesting and chosen to address the problem that is blindness being faced by people. This project will challenge us to be the best version of our engineering self’s. As mentioned earlier, we will be applying our knowledge to develop a smart stick that will contain many features to help a blind patient to navigate his surroundings. These features will make the designed technology to sense the environment around the person through sensors which will allow the user to know if there are any obstacles in the path through alerting him/her by use of beeping sounds. Also, a Smart shoe will be used to detect any obstacles that will be in front of the user’s feet such as stairs and sidewalk edges. A GPS system is also developed which will help to navigate the patient’s caretaker to reach the patient himself in-case of getting lost or facing an emergency situation. The caretaker of the blind patient will be able to receive SMS from the patient with his GPS coordinates of the patient on the phone and reach him/her in appropriate time
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