University Students' Achievement in Mathematics: The Role of Student's Gender, Instructor's Gender, Educational Level, and Experience

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Zogheib, Salah
Zogheib, Bashar
Elsaheli, Ali
Journal Article
Educational research that investigated the influence of gender on university students’ mathematics achievement has focused mainly on student gender. The role played by instructors in determining such achievement has always been underestimated. This study is a unique attempt to understand the influence of student gender and factors related to instructors on students’ performance in mathematics. Specifically, this study examines the relationship between student gender, program of study, instructor gender, educational level and teaching experience, the interaction of student gender and instructor gender, and students’ achievement in Calculus I classes. Student gender was the most significant predictor of students’ performance. Although male students outnumbered their female students in mathematic classes, female students outperformed their male colleagues. Instructors’ teaching experience and educational level were also significant predictors of students’ performance. Significant correlations were also noticed between instructor gender and students’ performance.