Fire Fighting Robot (Chernobyl Bot)

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Alrabia, Almuhannad
Alsweleh, Fahad
Ghadanfer, Hassan
Robotics has always been one of man’s greatest dreams, from landing on the moon to having a conversation with your smart home, everything is possible. Robotics is a branch of engineering that covers the design, build, manufacture, and the operation of robots. Robots were introduced as a way or means of replacing a human for a specific task or operation in the benefit of saving time, revenue, and offering efficiency and less risk for dangerous situations that could hurt any human. From doing everything manually to a press of a button the world is advancing with technological solutions to difficult situations. Multiple examples would be, security and monitoring, automated transportation, medicine, education and dangerous situations like crime fighting or bomb situations Although there are multiple studies and disputes that technology is overtaking jobs and more businesses that depend on physical labor are prone to great losses. The Objective of our robot is to give the Fire department of Kuwait the means of controlling the robot into dangerous and high radiation or hazardous gasses environments wirelessly giving them the safety and mobility in taking action against any future challenges. Gamma radiation and some hazardous gasses like Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia and Sulfur Dioxide, are very dangerous to the human body and can be lethal. Our team wants to lower the risks with a highly effective robot that could eliminate exposure from any kind of dangers that we can think of.
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