Effortless Zeinth Planting Zone (E.Z.P.Z)

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Roaa Al- Majed
Madi, Ali
Bin Sanad, Ahmad
Many people around the world are interested in planting inside their homes. However, they are faced with a major issue: keeping their plants alive in a less than ideal space. Taking care of a plant is thought to be a difficult task. Plants sometimes seem to die suddenly, leaving their owners wondering what went wrong. Due to the large number of plants that exist on Earth, building the perfect environment for a plant’s survival is somewhat difficult, since each plant has its own unique living environment. Depending on the type of plant, some plant owners may need to adjust the watering levels, to manipulate the amount of sunlight that the plant receives daily and to choose the nutrients that are to be fed to the plant. The main objective is to build an IOT based plant pot that can take any plant settings from a user and create a suitable living environment for the plant inside the pot. The E.Z.P.Z. would be connected to an application that allows the user to monitor the plant’s status and adjust it accordingly. The application will manipulate the E.Z.P.Z. into creating the suitable environment through a database that has information on different types of plants. Since the plant pot’s concept is IOT, this would mean minimal need for human intervention, thus making it easier for plant enthusiasts around the world to take care of their plants since the pot will automatically look over them. The main goal of the E.Z.P.Z. is to significantly increase the chances of the plant’s survival and to make planting easier for the general public.
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