An Autonomous Firefighting Robot

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Hassanein, Ahmed
Jaber N.
El-Abd, Mohammed
Conference Paper
The field of firefighting has long been a dangerous one, and there have been numerous and devastating losses because of a lack in technological advancement. Additionally, the current methods applied in firefighting are inadequate and inefficient relying heavily on humans who are prone to error, no matter how extensively they have been trained. A recent trend that has become popular is to use robots instead of humans to handle fire hazards. This is mainly because they can be used in situations that are too dangerous for any individual to involve themselves in. In our project, we develop a robot that is able to locate and extinguish fire in a given environment. The robot navigates the arena and avoids any obstacles it faces in its excursion.
Hassanein A., Elhawary M., Jaber N. and El-Abd, Mohammed. 'An Autonomous Firefighting Robot." In the 17th International Conference on Advanced Robotics, ICAR, pp. 530-535, 2015
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