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dc.contributor.authorDamaj, Issam
dc.description.abstractSystem-optimized circuits are a major concern in the design process. System upgradeability leads to re-engineering in most of the designs; even minor changes to the system would require a big compensation. However, the introduction of a new paradigm in hardware design called Reconfigurable Computing offers to solve any problem by changing the hardware configurations of dedicated circuits. In this paper, we build on a recently produced System- On-Chip VTS [1] offering upgradeability in terms of functionality and system integration. The paper includes refining the achieved designs in order to eliminate blocks and sequential alternation of the two main internal processes, investigating larger buffering by providing more memory elements and using state-of-art field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The optimized circuit is to be built on an FPGA with a faster processing time and enhanced system interaction by eliminating the two internal processes and exploiting parallelism within Verilog coding blocks.
dc.relation.journalThe IEEE Conference on Communication, Science & Information Engineering, London, UK
dc.titleA Cohesive FPGA Design for an Optimized Global Positioning System,
dc.typeConference Paper

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